Are you still worried about choosing a gift?
Are you still worried about choosing a gift?
Have you ever worried about giving gifts to family, friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend? Always looking for a special gift but have no idea where to start?


Many friends will complain to us that their boyfriends don’t give them the right gifts, they are all Amazon explosions, Life should have a sense of ceremony.
Expensive is not necessarily suitable, what he/she cares most about is whether you, as his/her other half, take them seriously.

1.  Pixel products~
 Although the pixel is the product of many years ago, there are still a group of pixel enthusiasts who still love the seemingly primitive and simple style of the pixel, and the art style of the pixel has also expanded with the artist's practice. style branch.


Like this bag, with a small pixel screen, is there a full punk style~


Or what about a bluetooth speaker like this pixel projection screen? Not only can you use your rich imagination to draw your favorite patterns, but you can also enjoy the perfect sound quality that is not inferior to beats.

2.  Night  Light
Have you ever had a situation where you bumped into the corner of the desk when you woke up at night? The sudden pain when you were accompanied by strong sleepiness is definitely something you don't want to recall. What if you had a night light by your bedside?


The cute little chick night light can light up with a tap on the head, and it's still a tumbler~


Who can refuse such a lovely astronaut on your bedside?

3.  Ashtray
Are you still using the water bottle or glass you've finished filling with cigarette ashes? The enjoyment of smoking should be matched with a good ashtray to give your ash a home~


To  Be Continue...
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